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We Provide A Bridge From Invention To Productization


 Exponential Future Consultancy

Exponential Future Consultancy (ExpFC) is a unique consulting firm specialized for small to medium technology-based corporations. Our firm was founded by KZ (Kanzan) Inoue, Ph.D. in 2019 with a handful of researchers and engineers focusing on helping companies with one-and-only technologies who are experts on the technologies, yet not familiar with business expansion, especially, in the U.S. We are still maintaining a relatively small group of experts who share the same vision as Dr.  Inoue while we expand our network and a range of advisers who are willing to help us whenever we need their specialized knowledge and experience. 

Our consulting services are now segmented into field research (survey), technical marketing, technology co-development initiative, external funding (grants), and other supportive services. 

     We offer all portfolios of services to transform a novel idea into a novel product through defining its structure and property relationships of the proposed materials, which in turn activates their performance through our consulting timeline of journey i.e., from early phase to final phase of the desired material designs. We create value for our clients in revenue and intellectual property.

 Who We Are 

We believe in a people-first-and-profit-second philosophy. People work with people to serve people. It's all about people. Such people comprise what is called a team at its natural best, and that's the type of organization ExpFC strives to be. 

We believe in an everybody-wins philosophy and the importance of growth.

Our Principles

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Company Information

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Company name: Exponential Future, LLC

Representative: Kanzan (KZ) Inoue, Ph.D.

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Telephone: (1) 224-444-9025



 Our Technical Advisors & Partners 

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