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 A tailored strategy to fit your company with the fastest and most effective route
taking your technology to product.

We believe that making your business successful is the only way to make us successful. We'll be there, as questions and/or issues arise—every step of the way.

We help you make the most of every  opportunity 

All About You

Our Expertise

We're prepared to help you at any level, from market or technology research to technical marketing or initiating collaboration with research institutes in the US

Whether you're just starting out with a single, unique technology or   looking to expand your well-structured business,

 we've got you covered. 

Our mantra is: research, analyze, strategize, focus, and execute.

Our Vision


The perturbation that comes from comparing the desired future with the ground business reality is what drives us towards achieving our vision:

We believe in one-and-only-technology companies—the companies that have one or two very specific, unique technologies or products. These, for us, include high-tech products in the defense, aerospace, semiconductors, and automotive industries. One-and-only technology is the underlying strength of these industries. 

Purpose of ExpFC's Existence

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Yet, these small one-and-only-technology companies struggle to capture a market or sometimes get pushed around by giant corporations. This is where we come in. We are self-determined to help them deliver strong products/technologies to increase their revenue and thus, these industries.

Our Vision emerges from the fundamental and core values of the ExpFC team and awareness of today's business reality,  melded together to produce a shared future for creating value for society.

Our Capabilities


Various Field Researches

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Technical Marketing


Focused R&D Collaboration

Branding & Grants with

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