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Field Research

 ExpFC conducts field research including "market research," "technology research," and "IP research" which are essential for entering the US market.

Preliminary field research is a major premise (first step) for business development in the United States and is an important task that forms the basis for successful overseas business expansion. Based on in-depth field research, we will develop technical marketing and technology development strategies to meet the needs of your company.

Technical Marketing

 ExpFC provides a bridge from innovation (your unique technology) to productization over "Valley of Death" by getting feedback from the users and readjusting the course of action. The reason why this process is called "Valley of Death" is that it requires know-how that is completely different from basic research, technology, and product development. If this process is inadvertently skipped, with mass-production or sales and marketing starts, this can result in facing the risk of huge resource and time loss.  

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  ExpFC is a technical marketing expert. Technical marketing is easily and often misunderstood by sales and marketing, yet it is vastly different from sales and marketing.

 Technical Marketing is to make full use of presentations at technical conferences, publishing scientific papers, exhibitions for specialized new technologies, technical advertising papers, etc. to inform the world of technology and to obtain partners who can use the premarket product to give us feedback or joint co-development of the new technology.

Joint Research & Development Initiative

 ExpFC supports joint development with research institutes such as universities in the US, Japan, and the EU. Based on the results of the Field Research, we will (1) identify the research institute that has the technology to further advance your technology, (2) access the institute, and (3) build the foundation of joint research.  


 During the joint period, ExpFC will not only facilitate communication as a relay point but also make sure the research progresses through technical meetings and reports.  Making good use of joint research will lead to a significant reduction in both the development period of the baseline technology and the development costs.  If necessary, we will support similar joint technology development with US technology companies.  


 ExpFC specializes in building relationships for joint research and development with various research institutes. 

 We are also prepared to search for applicable government grants for your technology and help write and polish your applications. The remarkable benefit of getting such grants is not only the fund but also preselected end users —your potential customers— by the government.


 Your company’s name will be in public records when you are selected to receive a grant. This is part of our branding strategy for your company.


Supportive Services

We can also provide the following services


  • Deep insight into Japanese clients and organizational behavior,

  • Accessibility to the top management of most corporations in Japan, and

  • Collaborative environment in an academia setting in the USA, the EU, and Japan.

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